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Urban Decay Spring 2011

Urban Decay will be 15 in 2011 and is celebrating by launching a limited editon 24/7 Eyeliner Set in 15 colours, which are: Stray dog, Corrupt, Bourbon, Midnight Cowboy, Baked, Stash, Mildew, Perversion, Electric, Binge, Ransom, Asphyxia, Rockstar, Zero, Uzi.
The spring line also includes:
*Blush named: Afterglow Glide-On Cheek Tints in 7 shades: Bang, Crush, Fetish, Greedy, Indecent, Quickie, Score.
*24/7 Eyeshadow pencils named: Glide-On Shadow Pencil. Two parts, twelve shades: Sin, Lit, Midnight, Cowboy, Rehab, Wasteland, Mercury. Clinic, Narc, Cash, Delinquent, Morphine, Baracuda.
*Lip pencils named 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in Illegal and Midnight Cowboy.
*Primer named Greed Primer Potion: This is not a new product as the potion was also at the Urban Decay Little Sins Eyeshadow Primer Potion Set. Now it comes full sized and on its own!

ELF review: Mineral foundation, day 4!

Hello sweeties, how are you? I'm fine and ready to talk to you about the mineral foundation by e.l.f. cosmetics.
I bought this foundation online, for £3.50 (or4.13 or $5.42). It comes in a small, round shaped package and it contains 0.1oz (2.84g), if I am not mistaken. You know the foundation, it has small holes on the first layer so the powder can come out easily. I had a problem trying to find out how that works (haha ok I am clumsy and a beginner, don't judge me!) and after a few hours minutes, I did it! Yay for opening the package!
Images are clickable, for a better view!
I chose the fair shade, as my skin is pretty light and pale sometimes, so anything darker would look too strange and weird on me. At first I used this foundation in a small amount and I applied it with a brush that is good for a blush too. Something like this: (the hair is not flat
And the result was not that good! I didn't see much coverage and actually, I couldn't see any difference on my face. Just a shade of a matte finishing instead of my oily face. Then, one friend suggested me to use a flat brush, and because I don't have any this time, I just used a smaller brush and the difference was not big. The coverage was kind of better, but still not what I expected. However, after some more attempts, I got used to it and when I use a good concealer (my all time favourite: Estee Lauder, review *here*) and e.l.f. mineral foundation, the result is: good coverage, matte finishing and light looking.
However, this product doesn't have good reviews. Most people I see are not satisfied and the shade of the product was not the right one for them, i.e. for the fair one they say it has some orange shades. It works for me though.
All and all, I didn't like this product that much, but after a while I got used to it and found out my personal tricks that work. If you have pimples now and then or freckles, like me, it will not work on its own. That's what I think.

*Not tested on animals
*Matte finishing
*Adequate content
*Works when combined with a good concealer

*Not good coverage
*Many complain about the shades
*Not working well without a concealer
*Not working well on pimples

Buy it again: Probably not!

Have you ever tried this product?
Do you have any different opinions?
Give me all the feedback you can!

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ELF review: Eyeshadow brush, day 3

Here I am with the eyeshadow brush review, on the 3rd day of me review series.

Hey hey, I looove this brush! I bought it online from e.l.f. for 2, or $3 or £1.5 and I think this is an amazing tool for everyone who is a beginner in the mkae up world, like me!
I think the length of the brush is really functional, it's not too small to make you touch your eyes in order to apply the eyeshadow, but it's not too long either. I hope you can understand the size from the pictures! I also think the handle is good. I'm not very careful with my things, so if it wasn't good, it should be broken by now!
The hair of the brush seems soft to me, no harms or "pain" noticed while using it. Maybe it would be better if the hair was a bit longer, but it works this way too. As a beginner, I can really mess up my make up easily, so a brush like this is perfect. Longer hair would be better for more "specialized" girls that want faster results.
I have also washed the brush a few times and nothing has happened.. No glue was removed, no hair left me waiting, nothing. Everything is in its place, ready to be used again!

*Good length

*Some like it longer
*After search, I saw people saying their brush was not soft.

Rate: 4.5/5
Buy it again? Definitely!

Have you ever bought this brush?
Are you satisfied?
-Was this review useful to you?

Take care and have a great weekend!

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ELF review All over cover stick, day 2

The second day of my ELF review project, I have the all over cover stick. And here we goo!
I bought this cover stick for about $3 (or 2 euros). I can't say that I am satisfied.
I tried to take pictures of the result but I couldn't really capture any difference.
First of all, it comes in this cute little (and by little, I mean liitle) tube with the rotating bottom that allows you to control how much product will come out. The you can rotate it again to put inside the amount of the product not used. I find this package really nice and useful, the cap is okay and doesn't allow the stick go out or become a mess.
 As for the product itself, hm, here comes the problem. I have the apricot baige shade as I have pale skin and the colour is nice. But the texture and the heaviness.. Oh God. I found the cover stick a miss when it comes to this. It is creamy but I find it hard to apply, and I don't think any brushes can help me, as it is seems too sticky to me to make it through your face without swearing. As for the coverage, it doesn't do anything. I have acne now and then, and it doesn't cover the pimples. Actually, I don't expect from a product to cover my pimples itself, because I use powder afterwards, but this one leaves sticky areas and a dry skin on my pimples. So, the powder can do nothing as the area around can only be fixed if I remove the cover stick. And this means that instead of covering pimples, it emphasizes them. I find it good for dark circles though, not a great product, but something you can use in need.
I don't recommend you this product to be your main concealer, but you can try it yourselves. It has really, really mixed reviews, and the negative agree with me. However I know many girls that love this product. It's up to anyone's personal opinion, AND skin!

*Good for dark circles
*Not tested on animals
*Didn't cause allergies
*Nice package

*Hard to apply
*"Emphasizing" pimples
*Makes the part of the powder difficult

Rate: 2.5/5
Buy it again? No!

So, how are you guys?
Is it snowing yet?
Yesterday I told you that it was snowing here, and this is a picture I got from my house this morning:

Unfortunately, it stopped snowing, so I had to go to my uni too :'(
Lots of kisses

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E.l.f. review: Eyelid Primer, day 1

Hello ladies and gentlemen!
As I told you, today I'm gonna talk about my new eyelid primer from e.l.f..
As I told you, I ordered from e.l.f. about three weeks ago, and considering that they have tons of orders these days, I am really happy that my order arrived after only ten days (including two weekends).
I bought this eyelid primer for £1.50 (or €1.77 or $2.38). I had my doubts as I have never used an eyelid before and it's my first time getting cosmetics online, so I think it was a success. The eyelid is pretty amazing! Well, I know I haven't used any of them before, but I can understand if something is hit or miss. Also, as I saw online, many people seem to agree with me and consider this primer great!
First of all, it comes in a cute little tube (i'm so sorry, I threw awayt the packages and I don't know how much it contains and it's not on the site!). The applicator is really easy to use, thin and not too long.The formula is extremely light and smooth, and I don't have any problems on its use or heaviness. May I mention that my skin is really, really sensitive and almost everything irritates me, (this is the reason I don't buy cosmetics I am not familiar with), but this one didn't make me scratch myself! And this is one hard mission! I only wore it at home to see what happens, and on Saturday I was out for about 7-8 hours and when I got home (in the morning haha) I slept immediately without removing my make up. I was surprised that my eyeshadow was still shining and the eyeliner was in the same place! Too bad I didn't take any photos!
Also, I noticed that the primer is not completely clear and there is a bit of colour in it. But this works for me, as the dark circles sometimes can go up to my eyelid when I'm not sleeping well. So, it's a great base for concealer as well.
All and all, I am really satisfied! I find it a good eyelid primer, especially for its price!
*Smooth and light
*Long lasting
*Cheap*Not tested on animals
*Tone correcting

*Maybe it anoys you the fact that has some colour in

Rate: 4/5
Buy it again? Yes!
Especially for less than 2euros!

Just to explain any questions: I bought these products from el.f. UK, not USA. The products are more expensive here, because of the difference between dollars and pounds and because, as someone told me, elf UK buys the products from elf USA, so they have to make some profit! Anyway, I still think that the prices and the quality are great!

So, what do you think?
Have you tried this?
Did you find this review useful?

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Vote for me!

Hey guys, I know I've absent these days, but it was a really busy weekend, but I am planning to be back to normal tomorrow, with a review of my new ELF eyelid primer! Stay tuned!
Oh, I would love to ask for a favour, please?
Can you please vote for me, as New Blog in the City,  HERE ? It means the world to me! :)

So, what's new?
How was your weekend?

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Santa can you hear me?

No, I don't think I was that good this year, but at least, I tried! And this is something for me! Haha!
Santa, if you can hear me, I would love to ask for some gifts.. You know that this year was HORRIBLE, with many bad things going on, even now, and I am looking forward to 2011! This year sucked! From the very first day, until now.. So, I want something back!

Vacations! Come on Santa, I haven't been on vacation for like how many months? I want them to be paid and while I am gone, your elves will finish my projects, can you do that?

A giftcard for Stradivarius and Bershka! Oh Santa, you know I don't own any brands and I don't care about them, so I think it is fair for me to ask for this, right? Well, if you bring me a LV bag instead, it will be acceptable...
A home... No more explains, you know what I mean, Santa, don't you?

If the crisis hasn't affected you and you have some spare money, I would love you to bring me some clothes directly from Blair's wardrobe, please? If you don't have money, can you steal some? Thank you Santa, you are so sweet!

And if you can't support all these Santa, I am only asking for something simple: Can you please bring me and my beloved people some luck and health? You know, I could really use some of these Santa... Really... So, can you please tell me that you are not going to bring sadness and problems this year and that you're finally done with these? Make me proud Santa, you know I always believed in you!
Kisses and a big hug,
Eleni from Greece

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EOTD: Smokey look

I know, I know it's not the best look you have seen, but hey, it's my first attempt and I am quite satisfied! I don't look like I was given a punch! I was afraid to try the black shadow on my whole lid, but I will do it too sometime soon! Overall, I really liked this look, and I was just trying to find out what to do for holiday nights out! Once I started blending with colours, I think I will keep on experimenting as much as I can!
Details: First primed my lid and highlighted the area under my brow. I started with the lighter shadow of the palette in the inner corner and worked my way out to the eye with darker shadows. After I created the base with the dark gray eyeshadow, I added the black one. Then I put on my lid the eyeliner and of course, I finished the look with black mascara.

What I have on:

E.L.F. Eyelid Primer
E.L.F. Party Eyeshadow Palette (the one I told you about on my previous post)
Black Eyeliner from Kate (not a brand, I found it on a 1euro shop and it's amazing!)
Wonder Lash Waterproof Mascara from Oriflame  (it's quite old)

I will do proper reviews of my new products from E.L.F.!

Do you like smokey eyes?
How long did it take you until you did it successfully?

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My new e.l.f. products!

Today I woke up and my mum said "There is a package"! Oh and I immediately smiled as I knew it was from e..l.f.! I placed the order last Friday, when they had a grear offer: Spend £10 and you have free shipping and an eyeshadow palette as a gift! So, I grabbed the chance and made my first order! Last Tuesday I received the email saying that my order was dispatched, and today I received it! Very fast, based on the fact that they have so much work these days! 
So this is what I ordered:

Mineral Foundation

All over Cover stick in Apricot beige

Duo Powder eyeshadow

Eyshadow brush

Eyelid Primer

Regular&Waterproof mascara

Party Eyeshadow Palette
I am so excited! I can't wait to try everything on!
I will do a series these days: A product per day!
What do you think?
Have you ordered anything from elf?
Are you satisfied?
Oh, and I changed completely my blog!
Do you like it?

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My new PUMPS! I'm in LOVE!

My new pumps from Bershka only for 40 euros, or just $52! In love with them!
I am sorry for the lack of posts guys, but I really have to study so hard! Two projects and 8 course are a lot of work! :(

Click on the Santa on the right sidebar for a special Christmas wish!
How are you all?
Have you decorated your house?
Bought anything new?
Always take care <3

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Celebrities's hair through years Pt.2: Rachel McAdams

So, a few days ago I made a post about Rihanna through years, and now I'm here, with Rachel McAdams through years.
Love her or hate her, Rachel is beautiful, great actor, popular all over the world. As she said recently, she loves to change her look,dye her hair from blonde to red or dark brown, change her make up! And these are some of our favourite looks of hers!
We met her as a blonde,hot,spoiled girl in Mean Girls (one of my favourite movies by the way), then we saw her becoming a brunette lady with bangs, then a red head young woman. She was back to natural blonde hair and supported many looks that I love!! She was not afraid to add pink highlights on her blonde bob haircut! We have also seen her in an ancient look, with braids and red lips.
My favourite looks of her are: pict.1,6,14.
What about you?

You can also see: