Δευτέρα, 4 Απριλίου 2011

A random post about cinema, movies and clichés! Part.1

I've seen movies. You've seen movies. Everyone has seen movies. And.. I don't know about you, but I am a movie-cholic. I can watch movies all day long, and I won't be bored- except that I'm gonna have a terrible headache. This weekend, I saw 7 movies. I actually watched three horror films (it was by accident) on Friday, 1 drama on Saturday and 3 movies yesterday (1 comedy, 1 horror movie and 1 drama). So, I guess I can talk about many clichés that appear in most films.

Horror Films

1)The idiots who walk alone in the dark when the killer is inside the house.
2)The same idiots that can't stay in silence and say: "Hellooo, is anyone there?" (You dumbass, it's the killer!)
3)The same old idiots that hear a noise and go after him. Why don't they just hide inside the closet?
4)The killer always knows where the victims are. Even inside a house full of people.
5)Even if someone shoots the killer, he never dies. Instead, he gets up and kill the idiots.
6)Teen girls that expose their tutus and think the killer is a joke.
7)During a party or something, no one notices the killer walking around the house with a knife, or in a ridiculous costume (Scream much?)
8)Someone has seen people getting killled, but no one believes them.
9)Mirros always make us going "Ohh now the killer is behind her".
10)The killer runs like a ghost behind the protagonists. (It's usually the scene with the "is anyone there" phrase.)
11)As Sidney said, the bitch never tries to escape through the door. She just goes to the second floor.
12)Even if she tries to escape, the killer has some kind of teleportation abilities and appears behind the door.
13)Usually it starts with a joke and everyone gets killed in the end.
14)The most coward girl kills the killer. (credit to jamasian_man, imdb) 
15) The survivors walking in slow motion like heroes. (credit to liquid_stone14, imdb)
16)Even if someone who is getting killed screams for help, no one will notice, and the ones who notice will probably be drunk.
17)Someone always knows about your secrets.
18)There's always that one girl that the killer can't kill immediately. He let her talk, run, beg.
19)The murders in houses always take place in huge houses, with two floors, 79 bedrooms and 19 bathrooms. 
20)In these houses, the killer goes the wrong way, the idiots make some kind of noise, killer comes, idiots run, killer runs.
And these are some of the clichés I could think about. Do you have any other clichés on your mind?

Σάββατο, 2 Απριλίου 2011

Face Candy Couture eyeshadows! Review!

  Its been a couple of months since I ordered and received these eyeshadows, and still haven't reviewed them, mostly because it didn't happen to wear them, so that I have a complete opinion about them. But yesterday, I tried them on and decided to make a post, featuring Face Candy Couture.
  Face Candy Couture is an online store where you can get many unique, natural eyeshadows that combine great quality and the most important: they are affordable as hell. Most of their eyeshadows, which you can check *here* cost about $5, and you can also take advantage of some good deals: 3 for $10, 8 for $20 and so on. FCC and Shantle Shipp are also kind enough to let you try their products: they are offering 5 (!) free sample eyeshadows. All you have to do is send an email and let her know you are interested. You can do that *here* . When I decided to ask for some samples, I could choose which eyeshadows they would send me. But as I see on their website now, they will send you some products of their choice, which is fine, as the eyeshadows are really stunning! The package arrived quickly and Shantle was sweet to communicate and polite.
  So, I ordered 5 eyeshadows: Damask Grey, Fall, Chill, Pinecone, Seed.
Damask Grey is a grey/silver eyeshadow, shimmery and shiny. It's really pigmented and I don't think there is a big fallout. I didn't have the chance to have it on my eyes for many hours, but the eyeshadow seems steady. [FCC says it's "a sexy grey with silver shimmer"].

Fall has a really interesting color: brown, with dark purple and copper undertones. This is what it looks like to me. Again, shiny and pigmented! [FCC described it as "brown with deep burgundy and copper undertones"].

Chill seems to me a very dark blue with some brown undertones, shimmery and pigmented enough. I really liked this one, as I enjoy it when I can't explain what the exact color is. [FCC described it as a "midnight sea with shimmer".]

Pinecone is a simple brown (ha! that was easy :P) color with a bit of shimmer inside. Out of these 5 eyeshadows, I think it's the only one that wasn't that pigmented. Maybe I just didn't work with it very well, so I have to give it another shot. [FCC says it's "a perfect brown coco pinecone color"].

Last but not least, Seed is a bright yellow, with mustard/gold/orange undertones. Extremely shiny and pigmented, perfect for summer and intense nights or days out. This colour seems to have consumed the whole sun! [FCC says it's "mustard yellowish color with an orange undertone"]. 

And this is how all of them look like: (from the left to the right: Damask Grey, Fall, Chill, Pinecone, Seed)

I know this one is blurry, but I wanted you to see the shiny part of these eyeshadows!
 All 5 eyeshadows are very easy to work with, very pigmented (my only doubts go to Pinecone), shimmery (Damask Grey and Seed are ultra shimmery!). Face Candy Couture also encourages us to use this natural cosmetics not only on our eyes, but also on cheeks, lips and nails. I haven't used them this way yet (also, I think gray and brown would not be good on cheeks haha), but there are some colors, like Romantique, Pink Lemonade, Glitz that could ne used as blushes. Still, too shimmery for a blush.

How do you feel about these eyeshadows?
Are you going to give them a shot?

Check Face Candy Couture HERE
Follow here on twitter and facebook

These products were not sent to me for a review, I was not paid to do this and I am not affiliated with the company. I am being honest and sharing my opinion.

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NOTD! Green for Earth Day, my new Sigma brush and some random!

Nahh, I'm a liar! I didn't paint my nails green because of Earth Day. These pictures were taken some days ago, but since yesterday I had green on again, I decided to post them!
I bought this nail polish a couple of weeks ago for about 2€ or $2.8. Pretty good, right? And my opinion? For that money, it's really good! These photos were taken after two coats and I think it does a great job. At first, I painted my nails at night, and I thought it was a dark green. But the next day, I saw its true beauty! It was really shimmery, shiny and bright! I was staring at my nails all the time, haha! Take a look at the pics (ignore my awful nails and my even more awful hangnails!!)

Can you see the brightness of that one? I know, the last picture is kinda blurry, but I just want you to see the shiny part of it!

Secondly, I'd love to tell you that I became a Sigma affiliate! If you click on the pictures at the right sidebar, you can visit their official site and check out all the amazing products! And don't forget to use the code 66838 at the checkout!

Anyway, Sigma was kind enough to send me a Sigma brush through the affiliate program, the E25 travel size blending brush! I've only tried it once and I was really satisfied! Soft hair, great size, easy to work with! I haven't washed it yet so I will keep the proper review for later! Here are some pictures for now:

Oh, and something I always forgot

I want to thank so much the Born Pretty Store and Jessica for sending me the Hello Kitty nail stamping plate and Face Candy Couture for letting me order some eyeshadows samples! You can do it too! I will talk about it tomorrow!

And a BIG thank you to aaall my new followers! :D

How are you guys?
Everything good?
Have a great month and a fabulous weekend!

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February favorites!

Hello lovelies!
This month, most of the items I used a lot are the same as always, but some of them haven't been used in a while! And I am wondering why!
ELF Party Eyeshadow Palette

Kate Eyeliner in black

Amway blusher in pink

Johnson's face cream

The Sun Compact Powder

Sumptuous Mascara by EL

Double Wear Concealer by EL

And yesterday it was my dad's birthday. And this is what's left:
Happy Birthday daddy
What are your current favorites?

Πέμπτη, 24 Φεβρουαρίου 2011

Make your own nail wheel!

Sometimes you want to play with false nails, try them on and have fun! But what happens when these nails are so bad that you don't want to use them anymore, or someone might gift you fake nails that you don't need. And you don't want to throw them away. So, what can you do?  Make your own nail wheel!
What you'll need:
*Fake nails

1)Put some glue on the back of the fake nail, where you'd normally place it, and stick the toothpick on it. Depending on the glue you use, make sure it's completely dry. Do the same for all the nails.
2)Take a round piece of cardboard and stick the other half of the toothpick with the nail on, on the cardboard. Make sure it's dry!
Easy, right? You can use different shapes of the cardboard and create your special nail wheel! It's really easy and you will not throw away your false nails.

I really liked this idea and I will try it when I find some of my false nails (total waste of money, I never liked them!)

Have you ever tried this?
Do you think it's useful?

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Κυριακή, 20 Φεβρουαρίου 2011

ELF review: Earth and Water Mascara Duo

Hello lovelies!
How you doin'? (aka Joey Tribbiani)
Exams are over and we have already started our new courses. I am at least 3-4 hours at uni, and on Tuesdays, I have a 10h class! I hope you can understand that I try my best to update my blog, but sometimes I am not able to function when I come home..
I know I am a pretty bad person: going back on my blog, I realised I didn't include my elf mascara review. I know I didn't review this product immediately because I wanted to give it a shot, but until recently, I totally forgot about this one! And so, I decided to try it out and let you know..
I ordered this one from e.l.f. uk for £1.50/ €1.79/ $2.44.
Let's start with the packaging: This duo mascara comes in a classic, black and white tube, that has two different kind of mascaras on: Regular and Waterproof. It's small and handy, nothing special, but nothing bad about it as well.
The brush is thick, with short "hair" that goes round the brush. Not the classic way of hair that pop out of the brush holder. I guess this is a nice way to give length to your lashes, and as I can see, it really gives length and colour. However, I find the formula really sticky and it doesn't seem to seperate my lashes well, like my other mascaras. To be honest, the mascara can seperate them, but the formula destroys it! The amount that the brush can hold is too much and this is the reason it doesn't give the best result as it always flakes! It's a bad thing, and it's not easy to fix it. I only have one solution to this: Remove the mascara and start from the beginning. And this is not good when you are in a hurry or you don't want to ruin your make up.
 In addition to that, I remember that the first time I wore this mascara, it didn't last that long. Soon, I had some
indications of panda eyes. And I was not wrong. As soon as I got home, I saw that the mascara had already started smudging, after only a couple of hours. And when I tried to remove this using a cleansing wipe, oh, that was a terrible thought. It just went all around my eye, making me look like I got punched. You know, you are supposed to remove the mascara off of your eyelashes, not of your whole eye. Yesterday I wore this mascara again, and I have to admit that after three hours it was still in its place. But, it was, once again, difficult to remove.
 And the thing is that both the regular and the waterproof mascara have these effects. The only difference between these two, is that the regular gives more colour.

I wouldn't recommend this mascara to you, I really think you can pay some more bucks and get what you want. It would be a good last-minute solution though, or you can just have it in your bag in case of emergency!

*Not tested on animals
*Good package
*Small-it can fit in your smallest bags
*Gives the colour

*Not easy to remove
Rate: 1.5/5
Buy it again? Probably not

As you can see, my "pros" list is bigger than my "cons" list, but in my opinion, these cons are really important and the main reason I don't like this mascara, they really ruin every good thing about it!


When I received m package, I also tested and reviewed the e.l.f. mineral foundation. My opinion was quite harsh and after many uses, I think it can work. Of course, I still think that it doesn't give good coverage and it's not the best foundation you can own, but I would rebuy it! As I have said, it works well when combined with a good concealer, and it can also work well under the eyes, giving the matte finish.

So, have you ever tried this mascara?
Are you satisfied?
How was your week?

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